Leftwich Archaeology

Cultural Resource Management

Leftwich Archaeology will remain open and operational during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The work we perform will be continued through home offices, and fieldwork can be conducted without personal or face-to-face interactions. Currently, all vital agencies required for consultation on Phase I assessments and similar reports remain fully available. However, this could change as the pandemic evolves. We will be as flexible as possible during these difficult times. Please stay safe.

about leftwich archaeology

A small business focused on high quality, integrity, and client satisfaction

Leftwich Archaeology is a small, sole-proprietor cultural resource management and archaeological consulting business focusing on small and medium scale projects in California, particularly along the Central Coast and Santa Barbara area. 

While able to consult on a wide array of cultural resource projects, Leftwich Archaeology specializes in providing prompt turnaround for Archaeological Monitoring, Letter Reports, Phase I Reports, and Extended Phase I Reports, as well as additional services. Most of these projects can be completed within 15 days or less, and our small size allows us to keep costs competitively low. Client satisfaction is our top priority. Leftwich Archaeology is also an experienced, professional provider of Phase I's and other cultural resource assessments related to Santa Barbara County cannabis development.  Please consider our services for your next archaeological need.



Primary Services

  • Phase I Survey and Extended Phase I Survey and Testing

  • Santa Barbara County Cannabis Development Phase I Assessments

  • Letter Report Confirming No Archaeological Resources

  • Phase II Testing and Evaluation

  • Cultural Resource Monitoring / Construction Monitoring

  • Cultural Resources Sections of Environmental Documents such as EIRs and EISs.

  • Prehistoric and Historic Background Research

  • Subcontracting and Project Management


Additional Services

  • Consultation regarding NEPA, CEQA, Section 106, NAGPRA, and other legislation and regulations

  • Management of Phase III Data Recovery and Mitigation

  • Document, Archival, and Ethnohistoric Research

  • Public Outreach, Guest Lecturing, and Presentations

  • Tribal / Native American Consultation

  • Lithic and Groundstone Analysis

  • Technical Editing and Quality Control

  • GIS Analysis and Spatial Modeling

  • Professional Photography


State and Local Certifications

  • Register of Professional Archaeologists

  • City of Santa Barbara Qualified Archaeologist

  • County of Santa Barbara Approved Archaeologist

  • County of San Luis Obispo Approved Archaeologist

  • County of Monterey Approved Archaeologist

  • Certified to conduct work in other California counties, including Ventura, Los Angeles, Kern, Orange, etc., although most of these jurisdictions do not keep an official approved consultants list

  • State of Nevada Approved Archaeologist

  • State of Oregon Approved Archaeologist

  • 40 Hour HAZWOPER



236 Palo Alto Drive, Goleta, CA 93117